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Welcome to DERAYA Website

Welcome to the world of DERAYA. Here you will explore the DERAYA world of flight with its diverse range of facilities. DERAYA had 40 years experience in providing customized aviation services to the remotest parts of the Indonesian archipelago. Conveying clients or dispatching goods, using rotary wings or fixed wings equipment, for Your requirements, to satisfy Your needs.

For those of You who aspire to becoming a pilot, DERAYA has its own aviation school; The Deraya Flying School. Becoming a pilot is a career choice that is full of challenges and promises a bright future. After a relatively short program using requisite training equipment, You are ready to pursue a career as a pilot in one of many reputable airlines, either in the domestic or international world.

Or, for those of You that merely want to keep up your flying hours, practice your hobby of flying, or simply take a Joy Flight, You can join us at DERAYA.

Whatever Your needs are in the world of aviation, You can find it in the world of DERAYA and we guarantee You nothing but the best!

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Deraya Flying School Membuka Training Base Baru di Cilacap

Sebagai wujud nyata dari komitmen untuk terus mengembangkan diri demi meningkatkan kualitas pendidikannya, Deraya Flying School telah membuka Training Base Baru, yaitu di Bandara Tunggul Wulung, Cilacap. ||   Bersama dengan Training Base Bandara Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta dan Bandara Adi Sumarmo, Solo, Training Base Cilacap akan digunakan secara optimal untuk meningkatkan kualitas, kompetensi dan mental para siswa calon penerbang. ||   Saat ini, Training Base Cilacap difokuskan u...

Night Flight Training by DFS

Pada hari Senin, 12 Maret 2012, Deraya Flying School akan melaksanakan program latihan terbang malam di Bandara Halim Perdanakusuma. || Program latihan terbang malam ini merupakan salah satu program yang termasuk dalam syllabus Deraya Flying School. Pada kesempatan ini, program tersebut diperuntukkan bagi siswa tahapan CPL + IR yang saat ini berjumlah 7 siswa. || Program latihan ini merupakan latihan yang menjanjikan tantangan tersendiri bagi siswa dan juga akan memberikan pemandangan yang lua...

Deraya Flying School

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